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Welcome to ZSD
ZSD is an Internet Service Provider in Cape Town, South Africa. We offer:
  • Leading Edge technology and Old Fashioned value.
  • Over 15 years track record under our original management.
  • Premium customer service. We do not advertise, instead we provide the highest possible level of customer service and rely on referrals for new business.
  • No long term contracts. We rely on good service, not contracts, to retain our customers.
  • Stable pricing policies. We set our prices to cover our overheads. No loss leaders and no unexpected increases.
  • We provide solutions that work in our customers business. If it does not work for you then it does not work for us!
  • We offer a full product range, and we can provide custom solutions for specialised requirements.
  • Our focus is the provision and support of Linux e-mail systems for small to medium sized offices. We can also provide and support Linux based servers, routers firewalls etc.
Please look through our pricing and service sections to see what we can offer you. Or phone us - we wont keep you hanging on, and if you leave a message we will return your call.

ZSD is a registered reseller of Openserve Fibre to the Home (and Business) Services

In business since 1997.
Still under the same ownership and same management!

We are a proud member of ISPA and uphold the ISPA Code of Conduct