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Welcome to ZSD

ZSD is an Internet Service Provider in Cape Town, South Africa.

We offer:

  • Leading Edge technology and Old Fashioned value.
  • Over 20 years track record under our original management.
  • Premium customer service. We do not advertise, instead we provide the highest possible level of customer service and rely on referrals for new business.
  • No long term contracts. We rely on good service, not contracts, to retain our customers.
  • Stable pricing policies. We set our prices to cover our overheads. No loss leaders and no unexpected increases.
  • We provide solutions that work in our customers business. If it does not work for you then it does not work for us!
  • We offer a full product range, and we can provide custom solutions for specialised requirements.
  • Our focus is the provision and support of Linux systems to provide firewalls, routers, e-mail servers, file servers, backup servers etc for small to medium sized offices.

ZSD's Covid-19 Pandemic Information: